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24 April 2006

Web 2.0, I prosume?

Web 2.0, the Prosumer has arrived. About time.

Web 2.0, the trendy new web with pastel shades, rounded graphics but above all user interation.

However, why is Web 2.0 taking so long to happen when we could see it coming before the dot com crash?

The rise of the prosumer, the centre of Web 2.0, was first foretold in 1980, about 10 years before the web was invented.

26 years after the seeds of Web 2.0 were sown we begin to see it take off. So much for Internet time then. If that's Internet time in action then maybe Internet time has slowed down to real time in the post crash era.

Perhaps anyone interested in Prosumerism and web 2.0 could help me make some use of which I registered 5 years before Web 2.0?

Once web 2.0 begins to move from chat and recommendation into product creation, then the prosumer economy will have arrived and the third wave will be in full force.

About time.

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