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16 April 2006

Keeping the faith at Easter Time

After days of waiting, they woke on Easter Morning, noticed the stone had moved and knew that in the night a joyous change had occured.

No, not John 20:1 telling the story of Mary Magdalene visiting the sepulchre to see it empty at Easter time, but the story of our children waking and noticing that the Easter Bunny had hidden some chocolate under the rocks in the garden.

On a day when many children will be having chocolate for breakfast, I think we will all need a helping of faith to see us through the day with hyper active toddlers running on chocolate power. The duracell rabbit (we have the genuine article, don't ask!) has nothing on chocotoddler.

Is Easter with its chocolate eggs and Easter Rabbit an analogy of Christmas with its presents and Santa Claus?

It isn't just about the commercialism, but what do chocolate eggs and Santa Claus have to do with the bible anyway?

Since Christianity has dressed up many pagan rituals to make them acceptable, how should we dress up Hallowe'en with presents and a happy figure to allow it to be discussed in schools?

Food for thought. Mine's the fourth egg on the right.

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