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18 March 2007

This'll make it better

From the department of the very obvious but why haven't they done it already.

Why don't they attach medicine spoons to medicine bottles (e.g. Calpol, Nurofen for children etc) via some sort of line so the two are permanently connected.

That way when your children wake up at 3am needing medicine you won't have to search every nook and cranny in the house for those small but ever so essential spoons ever again.


Independence March. Edinburgh 31st March

Independence First March. A chance to remind the Labour party about the UN Charter and the right of a people to have self-determination. Why are they not allowing the Scots to exercise that right and express their opinion on Independence in a single issue referendum?

It's also a chance to hear the great singer songwriter Dick Gaughan.


15 March 2007

Microsoft Flight Simulator

I came across an article documenting problems with installing Microsoft Flight Simulator. Under the new "universal" CD format, Microsoft is saying the work around is to uninstall legitimate 3rd party software. Wow! If only they had thought about that for Internet Explorer versus Netscape just think of the market share they would have now. "In order to install IE, please uninstall all other browsers first". The department of justice would have a field day.

12 March 2007

CrowdSpirit (Web 2.0.crowdsourcing startup) is hiring

If you are looking for a Web2.0 position that you can do based from anywhere in the world, then follow the link and look for a job within CrowdSpirit.

Craig (Information lead, CrowdSpirit)

09 March 2007

Freebase to organise world's information

This is cool, unless it achieves consciousness and kills us all. Freebase is the product of Metaweb and intends to actually organise information on the web, as opposed to Google which doesn't really organise very much but just allows us to search it.

Is this the first step towards Web 3.0?

(disclosure: I know some of the people behind it)

08 March 2007

Sue the spammer

Scotch Spam: Make the spammers pay!. Another successful legal action against a UK spammer. Please visit the site above (I know the person who won the legal action) and use it to sue anyone else in Europe who spams you.

The same law can also be used to sue people who send text messages, especially those offering to upgrade your phone contract and give you a "free" phone if you pay an absurd line rental for several months, and I'm keen to see one of those spammers sued and made an example of.


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