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11 February 2008

Scotland's bridges are all toll free

The BBC reports that as of just over an hour ago Scotland no longer has any bridge tolls

It took a Labour government to sit on this suggestion for nearly 10 years and an SNP government less than 10 months to make it a reality. See my proposal for banning bridge tolls as they simply penalised the communities they serve.

This suggestion was made to the Labour government in November 1997. SNP, time for change. If only all governments were this effective.

02 February 2008, Scotland's Internet portal, for sale

I have owned and maintained the content on this site since 1999 and I would like to sell the site, contents, related domains, ongoing traffic etc so that I can work on other projects. The site is profitable, and ranks of the first page of Google results for a wide variety of Scottish business and cultural search terms. I did a list of some of the placements back in 2006 although they will have changed since then. However, more than that, siliconglen is the name synonymous with the Scottish IT sector in the way that Silicon Valley is for the US. The domain alone has a lot of potential for a trade body, a government body, business group, tourism site or a publisher to make into a genuine portal for Scotland. The term is widely used in the media and due to the name and search engine placement receives enquiries from the media and organisations interested in the region and wanting to invest here.

Serious enquiries only please to

many thanks


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