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02 September 2006

The VisitScotland connection and jobhunting

Trying a bit of reverse marketing here to see whether posting to Google Groups: and also to in an unconventional attempt to get me ahead of the crowd and in front of the right people. After all, with so many agencies not even bothering to acknowledge receipt of a CV or follow up, it's one way to get remembered. Many just ignore you. Some respond. One major agency however has contacted me through some third parties and commented "I would like to congratulate you on such a fantastic CV", which is certainly a lot more feedback and effort than others put in. So I'm reciprocating the effort and rather than just emailing the agency to say thanks I'm taking a few hours out of my day to meet them in person.

Maybe if other agencies were as attentive, they might get further. Back to the VisitScotland connection or where I currently work - if only job searches were as flexible as the accommodation searches we've designed for that site then job hunting would be so much easier.


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