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19 July 2009

End My Credit Crunch

This post is to announce the holding page for End My Credit Crunch.

The site announcement is being made on 19th July at 19:48, exactly one month to the minute after having the idea. This moment was captured on twitter as I stood at Dublin airport.

The background is that a week or so previously I had been preparing an article for The Times following a tweet from Times Money about how the credit crunch had affected my family and the various problems with jobs, income and working extensively away from home we were having as a result.

That article was supposed to appear on 13th June but unfortunately, got knocked out by other news even though they thought the article would work really well and they felt my situation was really tough. However, such is the way of newspaper articles. Hopefully this one will get a lot more coverage :-)

So after a few days thought following that setback, I tried my hand at coming up with an innovative way of getting out of the Credit Crunch rather than having the story printed in The Times. A month later, here we are and the site behind the scenes is nearly ready.

We are now building the user base ready for a successful launch. Please visit and follow us on twitter or drop me a mail on info@endmycreditcrunch. We would be particularly keen to hear from anyone wishing to advertise on this novel twitter related site, we hope to successfully monetise twitter to generate income that can be effectively shared out to good causes and people affected by the credit crunch. Our aim is to give away $250,000.

If this gets to be as popular as the Million Dollar Homepage then you will be glad you got in early. Unlike that site however, we are taking standard banner adverts 468x60 that make an impact. Also unlike that site, our aim is to give away a large portion of what we raise to help as many people as possible.

End My Credit Crunch - a British business helping charities and people world wide out of the crunch, let us uncrunch you!


06 July 2009

Great money making idea for budget airlines

How about a charge to charge up my phone inflight? They would take my switched off phone, charge it inflight for a fiver and at the end of an hours flight or so it would be usable again for several hours. I would maybe  pay a fiver for this as theres scant few places you can charge up when travelling except business lounges but often they are closed or you arent there long enough to make it worthwhile. OK Ryanair, how about 1000 euro for this idea then?


p.s. Please forward/retweet etc.

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