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25 September 2006

Worst contact centre award

Having been on hold to the Orange contact centre (I guess that's what you would call it, I might call it a non-contact centre) for approx 2 hours and still not been able to speak to anyone, I would like to nominate Orange for the worst contact centre of the year award. I've already been transferred 5 times on the call I'm on and I've comfortably managed to log into blogger, enter this article and post it in between the last two transfers.

Congratulations Orange, by the time you connect me you'll be able to read this article I'm just about to point you to.

So will everyone else on the Internet, including your prospective customers.

My site gets tens of thousands of visitors a month and through this blog is syndicated on many RSS feeds. Enjoy the publicity.


Anonymous said...

it would be a good award to create and in my experience Orange is a likely winner. quite unbelievable. also a very strange business model behind it.

Scattered Strawberry Summer said...

It is true. I had some problems using orange and I wanted to contact them..just impossible to gett a human, so i just went to orange shop but they didnt solve my problem and they jusg gave me a new orange card and now I want to transfer my number to ASDa ,I think to get a pac will be hard

David Hood welcomes you to the definitive service for placing Marketers in vacant roles. said...

Yes Craig - they are the WORST call / contact centre.

Lost mobile last monday, one week on FOUR visits to their shop THREE chats with co-called customer services and they cant even port my number (an orange number) to the new sim they gave me (an orange sim too). Disgraceful. Even the people in the orange shop were hanging on forever and even getting their calls unceremoniously dropped!

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