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28 April 2006

Is Test-First Development an Impediment to Creative Flow?

Weblogs Forum - Is Test-First Development an Impediment to Creative Flow?. Worth a read if you're into Agile/XP. Coincidentally, I'm off to a seminar on automated testing this afternoon.

First Event of 2006
Date :- Friday 28th April
Venue :- Scottish Widows HO building, Morrison Street, Edinburgh
Time :- 13.00 (registration and buffet lunch from 12.15)
Presentations :- By Mark Fewster (Grove Consultants -

Mark continues the trend of excellent speakers who is well known and respected throughout the testing community. He has delivered presentations and tutorials all over the world and is co-author of one of the leading books on Software Test Automation. Since joining Grove Consultants, Mark has specialised in software testing techniques and all areas of test automation. As a consultant, Mark has helped many organisations to improve their testing both by the better use of techniques and by the successful introduction and better use of a software testing tool. The theme of the event is, not surprising, given Mark's expertise, is Test Automation. This theme is in response to feedback and requests at previous events.

Organised by the British Computer Society's Scottish Testing Group.

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