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02 April 2006

Sabbath ferry service makes waves

Sabbath ferry service makes waves.

CalMac is proposing a Sunday ferry service to Lewis and Harris. Once upon a time there was a campaign Keep Sunday Special which tried to force a particular way of life on everyone. People now accept that keeping Sunday special means being able to do what they want without legislation or other people's religions preventing them. Like last Sunday when I could't buy a bottle of wine for a mother's day lunch because I was shopping before 12:30pm. This religious over dominance needs to change in favour of accepting diversity.

I have no problem with others following a religion if that's their choice, but they need to also accept my point of view too. Religion, despite its "turn the other cheek" ethos is often remarkably intolerant of others' views. However, the practice should be that people should be free to lead their lives as they wish.

If those people who wish to follow the practice of not working on a Sabbath wnat to avoid using the ferries I have no problem with that. But for economic reasons and also even for Gaelic students on Skye returning home for the weekend, a Sunday ferry is surely a good thing.

I have an article on The BBC about this and you can read some of my other posts which mention religion.

Funny how the religious advocates aren't suggesting closing the roads on a Sunday. Why should the ferry be different?

It's Sunday as I post this and we're off to church later today.

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John said...

I was on that first ferry service; I live on Berneray where the ferry leaves from.

Links to some pictures, and related press coverage, here.

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