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06 April 2006

Tartan Day

Happy Tartan Day. For the background on this event, no it didn't start in New York, see the soc.culture.scottish FAQ article on it.

Tartan day marks the signing of the declaration of Arbroath and alongside winning Bannockburn (Scotland 1, England nil incase you need reminded), these are two of the most significant dates in the struggle for Scottish nationhood and independence.

Yet tartan day in particular is commemorated more in North America than it is in Scotland and outside of Arbroath and the Scottish Executive, it passes by in Scotland with not much of a mention.

Given that we are One Scotland, a multicultural nation which embraces traditions from all round the world, why are we so reluctant to embrace traditions about our own country when they are so readily taken up by Scots elsewhere in the world? Can we not embrace the best parts of Scottish American culture and have a parade on Princes Street that ranks alongside the one that will be taking place in New York this week?


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