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12 May 2006

Seeking new opportunities - looking for a job

I've been on the lookout for new work for a while. Largely because where I currently work (not mentioning any names here) has a fairly small IT department and as such opportunities for progression are limited. Having been there 6+ years it's time to move on.

However, given my continued frustration with most job search sites, which caused me to work out how to write a better search, I'm still stuck with the problems of Jobserve, Spring and s1Jobs and their PANTS search functionality. Indeed, more than two years after noting the S1 Jobsite as PANTS for telling me about jobs outwith my geography of interest, I still had to send them a mail this week with the content:
My filter is "Full time permanent jobs in Scotland". Why am I being spammed with info about jobs in Germany?
To which their response was
"they are posted to a generic location, which then returns on an Anywhere in Scotland search"
Maybe I should put that site in the "generic dustbin of broken searches".

Anyway, I've got 5 months left to run on my contract and although my employer is keen for me to stay to the end, they are also very flexible about me leaving early. I'm interested in looking around to see what's on the go and recently posted a brief resume on CraigsList.

With an eye to moving around, I was shortlisted recently for a Chief Technology Officer position and have also been shortlisted by for a Technical Manager position running two teams. I guess that's the benefit of having run a Ltd company for 6 years, I don't just have the employee skills, I've got a lot of the senior management skills too including business planning, negotiating deals, developing business relationships, doing accounts, fulfilling legal obligations and so on.

Basic qualifications:
B.Sc Computer Science (Edinburgh)
M.Sc Software Development, (Napier, Class medal and distinction)
Chartered Engineer and IT Professional
Member of the Chartered Management Institute, PRINCE2 awareness.
Starting year 2 of a 3 year part time MBA in September, working towards Chartered Manager status.
Significant and broad technical experience, successful delivery of many high profile projects including team leading and people management.
Proven ability to lead the field and deliver solutions ahead of competitors.

Any senior technical management position could be of interest, ideally Central Scotland although telecommuting is fine and I've done telecommuting work for two major US companies recently.

Positive endorsements listed on my LinkedIn profile.

Too bad the apprentice is over, although I rather prefer the Ken Olsen style of management to Sir Alan Sugar's. After all, I do have a certificate of praise from Ken himself, not bad coming from one of the most successful people ever in American business.

CV/Resume available on request. Certainly a bit more out of the box thinking developing a blog with several hundred visits a day on it to spread the word than just endlessly trawling broken websites....

thanks for listening.

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Anonymous said...

Job sites

Oh so its not just me then ;-)

I susepct that its HR trying to dumbdown the recruitment process and recruitment is a spammy area on the internet so theres no incentive to get it right.

You might want to run wordpress on your site rather than using bloger or anotehr hosted solution.

Chears Maurice Walshe

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