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28 May 2006

Big Brother

(to be said in a Geordie accent)

Most of the house mates are in their living rooms.

Slowly getting their brains turned to pulp watching Big Brother and wondering why they have such sad lives that this is the best thing they can do with their spare time

The rest of us are perhaps wondering why the society we live in is becoming more like the Big Brother of 1984, having ID cards and our movements tracked at every opportunity.

If you leave the country you may be fingerprinted. If you buy things in a shop they might track your purchases with RFID. If you apply for a passport, you'll end up on the "optional" national ID scheme. And of course from birth every child will now appear on the national child register to allow their movements to be tracked. There is of course no truth in the rumour that at age 16, the child register details will be transferred to the National ID Card which in 16 years time will contain your medical history.

Truth stranger than reality (TV) ?
Way, aye man.

Citizen blogger logging off

1 comment:

Craig Cockburn said...

While we're talking about Big Brother and 1984, why don't we have the government manufacture your news?

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