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13 May 2006

Find and fix broken links via a hosted broken link prevention service

The Broken Link Preventer: Stopping broken links in real time.

A tool developed by a contractor at my company. We're now launching this as a hosted service for all you webmasters, ISPs, Web hosting companies etc out there.

Broken link checkers have been around almost as long as the web. However all they do is tell you at the time the check ran which links aren't working. They can't tell you what's broken in real time and they can't report on how often a customer saw a broken link.

This tool runs in real time and intercepts broken links so that the customer does not see a broken link at all. Moreover, there is minimal server load to run the
tool, it does not interfere with existing site statistics and it produces reports on the broken links. However, it does something a conventional link checker can't do - it tells the webmaster how many times each broken link was clicked on and where people go after leaving the webmaster's site.

Innovation from Scotland's Silicon Glen. See the link for more info.


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