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21 March 2006


Started a three week Prince2 course today. Being a bit busy at the moment what with that one and also a 7 weeks course in being a better manager at Napier University Business School. Both courses kindly funded indirectly by those nice folks at Google.


Anonymous said...

I'm currently sourcing courses in Glasgow for my manager, all seem to be 5 days for the foundation & practioner elements.
Could you recommend any providers?


p.s. I really like the Cambrian House idea!

Craig Cockburn said...

Debbie. You'll need to send me your email address.

Any other users, did you know that when you enter PRINCE2 Scotland into Google this site is the 3rd one listed? check it out. So if you run PRINCE2 courses in Scotland, please let me know if you want to advertise here....

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