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22 March 2006

The Budget

So Gordon Brown announced in today's budget that certain cars will no longer have to pay the beaurocratic nightmare that is car tax. I'm still looking forward to the day that my points in July 1998 regarding car tax get taken on board by the government. Car Tax is a nightmare, particularly so when last year I bought a car that had previously been owned by a disabled person. Due to the nightmare of car tax, I couldn't buy the car until someone made a special trip to Glasgow to change the tax rate on the car. How much beaurocracy do you need to just pay the full rate applicable for an able bodied driver?
For goodness sake just get rid of this nonsense and all those irritating TV adverts at the same time. Collect the tax through petrol taxation and have an MOT/insurance disc instead (like Ireland). It's far more effective and safer proving that your car is MOTsd and insured every time your take it on the road than only having to prove it once to go through the car tax beaurocracy.

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