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27 March 2006

Want to catch the next wave on the Internet?

From a posting on the Now-Forum ...

I was wondering if there was anyone reading this who is either:

  1. Prepared to invest in building a prototype of a novel application/web site or
  2. Prepared to work for equity in building the same

This is a technology that a large search engine might find useful to greatly improve the quality of their searches in certain areas. It also empowers content publishers to achieve more with less time and significantly less expense. If successful, it will greatly improve the usability of many websites.

Particular technologies of interest are:

Design and build of a user friendly community based with site with log in features, up to date knowledge of web application development including Web 2.0/AJAX, Greasemonkey, JavaScript, API design. XML, XSLT, Scalable database design, semantic networks, search engine back end algorithms.

Some experience of building user friendly client side applications, especially C++ is also likely to be of use.

Brownie points for those of you who have submitted a digg frontpage story or know what microformats are or have had code published on

E-mail me if you are interested.

1 comment:

Craig Cockburn said...

This is starting to gather some momentum.

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