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29 March 2006

Car parking spaces

Would whoever the person is who designed the Standard Supermarket Car Parking Space please note. They are not big enough. If you go shopping in America, it is in fact possible for a driver and a passenger to be able to both get out of a car without doing contortions, without bumping the adjacent cars and without doing car park gymnastics to get in and out of your car if you get back from your shopping to find someone has parked badly in the space next to you. If America can do it, we should be able to do it with our smaller cars.

Is there a European Standard for this?

While I'm at it, why are so many business parks built with such woeful public transport and inadequate parking? Maybe someone could do something imaginative like have half the car park allocated for cars with tax discs of £100 or less. That way the gas gusslers can fight it out for the few remaining spaces whilst the greener cars can enjoy being able to park near to where the driver needs to be.

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