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01 March 2006

Sign up to stop spam

Today I joined a group determined to fight spam through legal action. It has already been successful with one high profile victory. I also have my own spam petition campaign. The legal front is just one campaigning tool and I hope it will put a permanent end to those annoying calls I get on my mobile several times a week inviting me to upgrade my contract. My phone number is listed with the Telephone Preference Service but it doesn't seem to make much difference. Either the legal campaign will end these irritating calls, or I'll make a good bit of money claiming back the going rate of £300 per call for breaking "DIRECTIVE 2002/58/EC OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL". Incidentally if anyone calls and pretends to be using the Data Protection Act to hide where they got your details from, a web search for "Norwich Pharmacal orders" will show that they cannot use this as a defence. The legal reference is "Norwich Pharmacal Co. v. Customs and Excise Comm’rs, [1974] A.C. 133"

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