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27 August 2006

SNP set to seize power at Holyrood

As reported in Scotland on Sunday today. Blogging it here as the BBC has completely ignored the story. Rather than covering a story that would mean the start of break up of the UK next year, we are treated to another episode of the Tony Blair when will he go soap opera. Ah, good old English Broadcasting Company! News - Politics - Poll: SNP set to seize power at Holyrood: "ALEX Salmond is on track to take Scotland to the brink of independence, according to a startling new poll which shows the SNP has opened up a clear lead over Labour.

With just eight months to go until the Holyrood elections, the party has established a four-point lead over its nearest rivals, and appears to be pulling away."


Anonymous said...

If it does happen (and I say "if") you can sure when Scots are confronted with the reality of independance most will be smart enough to vote against it.

I should point out I am Welsh living with an American in Scotland, and IF independance is voted for then I like a lot of the professional middle classes that have invested in Scotland will upsticks and move South and will take Scotlands economy with them...

When you have lived in the U.S. you realise how ridiculous these issues are in an island that is smaller than California. Westminister is 400 miles away... big deal.. Washington is 3000 miles away from California and the U.S. functions just fine.

Craig Cockburn said...

In response to the anonymous comment from the US, what the SNP is proposing is independence within Europe. Given that US states have considerable flexibility in controlling taxes etc, independence in Europe is a lot closer to the US model than you think and as you've pointed out works well.

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