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01 August 2006

Cable Guy

I cut the grass on Saturday. We went to the Safari Park on Sunday. They have a fun fair section view the map, with dodgems.

Putting the two together, I thought you could adapt a lawnmower to have a pole coming out the top like a dodgem, then the power cable could run from the top of the pole to an upstairs bedroom window. There the power cable would be on a reel with an auto rewind, like the ones used in some petrol pump filling hoses

With a complicated lawn with swings, slides, flower beds and the like, this would be a great way for me to cut the grass without the power cord constantly getting in the way, caught in bushes, wrapped round obstacles and so on.

That would make things a lot simpler. Well, until I get one of these, that is.

(Invention listed on americaninventorspot)

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