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10 July 2006

First website enforcement order

The Information Commissioner's Office has issued its first enforcement order against a website.

The background to this is I found the offending site about 6 months ago and objected to my details being on it. Since 2002, people on the UK electoral register have had the right to have their details removed from the public register because they don't want their personal details used commercially or for their private details to be posted on public websites.

However, the site got round the law by using versions of the electoral register before 2002 when the law came into force. I complained to my local officer who compiles the electoral register for my area. They wrote to me today informing me of this important legal decision. There were about 1,600 complaints against this company and this is the first time a website received an enforcement order under the Data Protection Act.

Next stop: Directors of Ltd companies will soon have the same rights under the The Company Law Reform Bill to prevent their private home addresses from being published on the Internet using extracts from Companies House data.

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