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01 July 2006

England Fans to Support Portugal

Well England is out of the world cup, eliminated once again on penalties. About as predictable as Scotland getting eliminated on goal difference.

Still, it will put an end to those tiresome questions that anyone with a Scottish connection has had to endure for the last few weeks about whether we support England or not.

With Scots being expected to support England because they are nearby countries with a common political bond, the question now turns to which country will the people of England feel obliged to support as the European press turns to them and asks them the same question which the English press have been asking the Scots.

Lets see now. Nearby country (limit it to 1000 miles as there's only a few teams left). Common political bond. Well, the EU would need to be it.

So that makes the England fans natural supporters of Germany or Portugal then.

Come on, Europe Expects.

Bit awkward when the shoe is on the other foot? Maybe now you understand why not everyone in Scotland feels obliged to support England.

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