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08 August 2011

2 New And Exciting Gaelic Courses For Glasgow

The Moray Language Centre will be setting up 2 new and exciting TIP (Total Immersion Plus) centred Gaelic In The Home and Altram Courses in Glasgow in 2012.

These full time courses are user-friendly and immediately accessible for they come in blocks of 8, 15 or 44 weeks which should accommodate most lifestyles today; whatever time pattern you choose, they all ultimately bring one to a conversational Gaelic fluency, efficiently and without the usual stress, in other words, an unexpected great deal of fun to be had while learning to speak Gaelic.

Anyone seriously intending having a Gaelic speaking family whereupon the language is not only central to them as a unit, but also as part of each individual family member’s life as they go about their daily routine, will need to be aware of the information given below.

Accordingly the following tasks will help enormously in making the language acquisition process much less stressful and indeed, giving those who want to make such a commitment, the best chance for succeeding in their objective.

  1. It almost goes without saying, that potential parents must be confidently fluent in Gaelic beforehand and here is the critically important point regarding such an objective; the earlier they reach the desired fluency, the better they will be in passing Gaelic onto their child when it does arrive.
  2. There are many reasons why the early fluency level is highly desirable, a particularly significant reason is that it will give a generous amount of time for the would-be parents to acquire the richest vocabulary; the language of the home; interacting with their child; the language of closeness between partners/couples etc.; out and about in the wider community; socialising and so on, in fact, in most spheres concerned with modern day living.
It has taken quite some time for us to fully appreciate that school is not the right place to acquire home orientated Gaelic, moreover it is not within their remit to do so. What schools are rightly concerned with is, maths, science, sport, history, geography, music etc. and terms related to these topics and the world outside Scotland. Consider, would one expect to hear one’s child coming home from school having acquired language appropriate to a close relationship between adults; I think not.

To return to what is on offer, which is a range of innovative and highly accessible Gaelic acquisition courses, that will not only bring singles, couples, prospective and expectant parents, those already parents, grandparents, relatives, friends etc. to a conversational fluency in a variety of packages that are both user-friendly and speedy in their delivery.

In addition, we can add immeasurably to the language capability of lapsed or rusty speakers, people who can speak Gaelic but aren’t confident in using it, those already fluent in the language, by way of broadening the range, fluency and vocabulary.

Those considering taking advantage of what is on offer, will do well to remember that these courses contain no reading, writing, grammar or translation in the initial phase, this means no books, pens, paper, note taking etc., the use of personal recording devices is encouraged though.

If any of this appeals to you or your partner, friends etc., please get in touch with Finlay at or telephone, 01542-836322 or 07789-826934 so that we can have a good chat about what is on offer and remember, don’t leave your response too long because we only cater for small groups, so places will be at a premium.

We would also appreciate it if you would pass this information around as widely as possible. At the same time, we are also seeking the services of fluent Gaelic speakers to help in a variety of ways, but especially in tutoring and in support roles, so please give us a call as well.

For information regarding this news bulletin please contact:

Finlay Macleoid
11 Campbell Street
Moray AB56 1TJ

Mobile 07789-826934
Home 01542-836322

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