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08 September 2007

why demon internet is not recommended

I first promoted Demon in June 1992, the month they set up. I joined them as a customer the following year. This is the first time I have moved house whilst having Demon as a broadband provider. It has been a total disaster and I would recommend that anyone who values their sanity avoids them like the plague.

1. As a business, the internet is important to me. I am changing address, but keeping the same phone number.
2. After a very lengthy conversation on 4 Sept, I explained BT were transferring my line on 18 sept. Demon has no concept of transferring, you have to cancel and set up a new service. Setting up the new service takes at least 5 working days, hence your business will be offline for a week. In this day and age, it is unacceptable.
3. During the call on the 4th, demon set me up with temporary dial up access. They then said to call back on the 13th to minimise downtime.
4. I return from my business trip on the 7th to find the arseholes at Demon had already cancelled my broadband.
5. I then called them on the evening of the 8th to log into the dial up account which was set up on the 4th to find that it hadnt been set up at all, they couldnt help me until Monday (by which time I will be out of the country) and they didnt even know if customer service was open on a Sunday or not.
6. Conclusion. Demon is crap and should know better than to outsource to India.
7. Avoid Demon if you value your sanity.

(posted via Orange WAP). Ha ha, you can take away our ADSL but you can never take away our freedom..... :-)


Anonymous said...

Great post - and sorry that the demons at Demon have mucked you around. Best wishes from Lobster

Craig said...

Called them again today. Still can't get into my account. They can't get into any customer accounts as Demon's systems are down, moreover I had to ask the same question 5 times "Is it quicker for me to solve this by email or phone" before I got an answer. Complete shite.

Anonymous said...

actually I think you'll find the inability to transfer your home is common to all ISPs that use ADSL. BT in their infinite wisdom do not offer this feature. Demon has actually complained lomg and hard about this ever since DSL first launched, but BT isn't interested.

so good luck with any ISP you choose, you're askign them to perform the impossible with the movign hosue thing :-(

Anonymous said...

whoops, my typing is appalling but you get the idea of what I was sayign hopefully

Craig Cockburn said...

The solution is simple and one that any ISP can use.

1. Downgrade the ADSL account to dialup, thereby breaking the association between the Demon account and a physical phone line.
2. ADSL account is migrated, meanwhile Demon user can still access mail via dialup and have a working website.
3. Complete ADSL migration and test line
4. Migrate temporary dialup account onto new ADSL line.

How simple was that?

BTW I've copyrighted the above, any ISP wishing to use it to do the Really Obvious needs to pay me a royalty fee of £5 for being so stupid as to have not thought of it already.

andicrook said...

I have been with demon for over 12 years originally dialup, whilst i have been on dsl I have moved three times, not a problem. I in fact suggested that I was moved to dial up which they did. However, as a project manager I had every eventuality planed before the move to keep business running.

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