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25 September 2007

Stopping the junk mail

There are three kinds of junk mail.

1. Stuff addressed to you, you can stop this by writing to the Mailing Preference service

2. Stuff addressed to nobody. Leaflets, etc. You can stop this by e-mailing: This is the service that a postie was disciplined for telling his customers about. Good old Royal Mail, here to spam you and then discipline anyone who tells customers how to stop the spam.

3. Stuff addressed to a generic address, e.g. "The Occupier", "The Head of Personnel", "The Householder".

The Direct Marketing Association has you over a barrel here, because there is currently no way of opting out of this spam. This means that if you are moving house you can look forward to receiving several spam mailshots a day addressed to "The Occupier" offering you removal and storage services and other stuff you probably aren't interested in, especially if you have moved already.

Dear Marketing spammers. Kindly get your act together and have a "no junk mail" service that actually works.


1 comment:

Admin (HC) said...

Great stuff re the optout scheme, Craig.

Giving that a go right now.


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