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14 February 2007

Campaign for fair WiFi

Following the news story Hotel guests revolting over wi-fi, I would encourage readers here to sign the petition for fair WiFi.

Having stayed in hotels which have free, open WiFi and other (cheap) hotels which have free, restricted WiFi, I see no justification at all for the £17 a day rip off charged by places mentioned in the survey and as charged by the Holiday Inn, Luton, M1 J9 where I stayed recently.

Free WiFi is readily available in the US and the costs of providing it are nothing like £17 a day. The business benefits to the hotel of additional guests attracted to free WiFi as a facility outweigh the cost of the hotel of providing it.

Please support the petition



(the author first did something like this in 1992 to promote cheap Internet access in the UK, the first such list to reveal cheap and low cost Internet providers).

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