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03 March 2016

Dear Recruiter. If you're not mobile friendly, you lose applicants

I complained to an agency that advertising on the LinkedIn App and on other mobile friendly job boards but these leading to an agency or employer site which were mobile hostile was proving a frustrating experience. "Please upload your CV, this is a mandatory field", but the functionality to do so on a mobile didn't work, therefore the application couldn't be made. Have these people never heard of links? Here's mine:
Anyway, the agency response was
"'I've have been in discussion with our platform provider over this, and they have done extensive research which shows that very few people want to do this – and as a result, they have put their efforts into developing other parts of the process, for a better overall user experience"
I refer you to these stats on mobile job applications
62% of jobseekers using mobile. I suggest the agency sacks its platform provider.
Dear companies, this simply won't do
#1 the invalid security certificate (from a bank)
#2 the website which directs you to taleo. Liked by HR people, hated by applicants. It would be even better if the stylesheet loaded. They may have an accessibility statement, but I might struggle to read it.
#3 a website that you are supposed to be able to read, without a magnifying glass. Every little helps!
#4 No, I can't read this on a mobile.
#5 you actually expect me to complete this? Seriously. Oh it's that Taleo again. Jobseekers, give up here.

#6 I'm afraid Glassdoor isn't much better. Agile is a skill, not a company name.
#7 or CGI who are a "team of builders" but can't build a website.
#8 If you're using a mobile, you cannot apply. 62% of candidates abandon ship here. Yes I understand the technical constraints and complexities. I've worked on mobile friendly sites since 2009. What's your excuse?
There's clearly some way to go before 2/3 of jobseekers get a satisfactory experience.
I'm looking for an investor for my portal. It's not a job board but as you can see, I have a lot of relevant first hand experience on the job seeking process and how it is failing to meet the needs of candidates. Prospective investors, please contact me.
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