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09 November 2015

The project

Supposing I could transform job seeking in terms of the experience the candidate has. Who would find that useful? There's 500,000 paid members on the jobseeker premium group on LinkedIn where I posted a note with some screen shots I'd put together.

These screen shots demonstrate some agile project management tools I use in my day job and which I've adapted in order to help job seekers track applications more readily.

Job boards don't currently do this, they have no facility to track subsequent calls you've had with the agent, whether you are connected on LinkedIn, whether you have spoken to them or where your application really sits in the job processing sales funnel. Furthermore the tracking on job boards is per job board, whereas my tracker is universal - it tracks emails and it automatically makes a log of what mobile calls you have sent/received so that if you are called out of the house you can see who you spoke to and relate that back to the relevant jobs

I'm hoping to build a proper app to help job seekers with other aspects of the job seeking process and host this at

If you'd like to make a donation, $10, $20, $50 or even more then please click the link below, it's all really appreciated.

Any questions, please contact me on thanks

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