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11 October 2013

Banking Security

Dear Tesco Bank,

 thank you so much for increasing your security. From now on rather than having to remember a username and password, I now have to remember a username, a longer password, a 6 digit number and a picture. Between yourselves and all the other secure sites I use, this is plainly too much information to remember and so I thank you for forcing me to write it down in the big file on my computer labelled "excessive security written by teams that don't think people will write things down" and it will be stored with all my other login details again due to security teams who stick their heads in the sand and think noone will ever write anything down because it is too complicated to remember. Memorable date? I have several. Which one is the most memorable? At many banks and other secure establishments, they issue RSA keys to their staff and a relatively simple combination of a username, password and the RSA key. If this is good enough to protect your data when being accessed at home by employees then it is good enough to protect my data when being accessed by me. More so if the banks got their collective acts together I could have one RSA key I could register on all their sites rather than carrying around a different device per bank. Thank you again Tesco for relieving me of the burden of having to remember another set of logins.

Yours, etc
Craig Cockburn IT Consultant and customer.

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