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03 February 2013

BBC Scotland navigation links

If you are (or the BBC site thinks you are) viewing the BBC site from outside the UK then you don't get presented with any deep links on the main navigation bar to Scottish regional content.

So here for everyone's benefit are the links you get when viewing the site from the UK and a few others. Set these up as a group or folder in your favourite browser and you can open them all in one go!

English language

BBC Scotland

BBC News Scotland

BBC Scotland Politics

BBC Scotland Business

BBC Scotland Edinburgh, Fife and East

BBC Scotland Glasgow and West Scotland

BBC Scotland Highlands and Islands

BBC Scotland North East, Orkney and Shetland

BBC Scotland South Scotland

BBC Scotland Tayside and Central

BBC iPlayer (Scotland)

Gàidhlig / Gaelic 

BBC Alba

BBC Alba Naidheachdan

BBC Radio nan Gaidheal

BBC iPlayer anns a' Ghaidhlig

BBC iPlayer anns a' Ghaidhlig - BBC Alba a-mhàin

BBC Alba Foghlum

BBC Scotland other

BBC Scotland Learning (includes Gaelic and Scots, Robert Burns etc)

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