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23 December 2012

US Gun Control

I've written about gun issues before including the day of the Dunblane Primary school shooting. A tragic event which resulted in the UK changing gun law.

This tweet, covered by Piers Morgan and this one have been retweeted many times. Please view the tweets, favourite them and retweet. They, and others like them, need to once and for all put the NRA in its place as an organisation clinging to the remnants of a 1689 English law, the Wild West and the 18th century when the 2nd amendment was passed.

Compare the figures, read this article and decide - it's time to reduce gun ownership and head towards a ban in the general population.

If you don't think someone not from the US, like Piers Morgan or myself should have an opinion on this, please read my post and sign the petition to deport Piers (he wants you to do this to force a debate)

The US is a great country. I have visited it many times and even went to school there for a short time. It would be greater without guns.

many thanks

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