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19 July 2011

A note to Larry Page of Google

Hey Larry. In your recent earnings call you commented on Facebook and its lack of data portability. However, in the Google camp we have the disappointing Google data portability standpoint which states "In most cases, it's not possible to move products from one Google Account to another".

It is a constant source of annoyance that I have to log into one account to use most of my Google services and another one to use the Gmail I have had for ages because you can't port Gmail (and a lot of other things) onto my primary login which uses the domain I own. This is rather a fail. How about putting your own house in order first? Come on, this is just a foreign index in a table, how hard is that?

I'm not that impressed with Google search most of the time either. Try searching for a car service centre open on a Sunday in London within 15 mins walk of a tube station in zones 1 and 2 or 30 mins travelling time of a given postcode. I mean really, this is the sort of useful data driven search that people really need - it connects me with relevant services. Why is no-one apparently looking into this? Is anything happening with semantic search?

Can we also have links to individual comments in Google Plus (as I understand Sir Tim Berners-Lee called for on Facebook)

Why also can't we find things en-route? Like I'm going from A to B, show me the nearest service stations or restaurants etc

Can you also stop Google Chrome thinking that articles in Scots Gaelic (language code gd) are written in Irish (language code ga). Please fix the bug I logged. This is about as bad as thinking articles in Spanish are written in Italian. Gaelic and Irish are two related but different languages and offering to translate from Irish rather than Gaelic means the translations are hopeless!

Just a few ideas, many more to come.


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