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01 December 2010

London school closure status

Please visit opencheck for the latest info on school closures in London.

For a quicker way of getting the info just for your school, you might be interested in the following steps. Once you have done this once, you can bookmark the page for quick and easy access in future.

I'll use Abbey Primary school in Sutton (the first school in the Sutton area dropdown) as an example, however this will work for any London school in the scheme.

Goto edubase and search for your school there. Enter the relevant details for town and establishment name to search for your school. Click on the establishment name in the search results and in the example above this will take you to this page.

Note the LA number (in this case 319) and the 4 digit school reference (in this case 2012) and combine them together: 3192012.

Now put that number into this URL (replace the 7 digits at the end with the number for your school)

Bookmark this page. Now you have a quick one-line up to date status for your school that loads very quickly.

Hope this helps.


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