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21 April 2009

Susan Boyle and the local talent contest

OK, I thought I'd add this piece of local info for the millions of Susan Boyle fans watching her on YouTube etc.

Personally I think she's a brilliant singer, even more so that she broke the mould for what the judges expected a winner to look like.

However, it seems that despite an incredible voice and world wide fame even she seems to have struggled at my local social club's talent contest, so reports this week's Linlithgow Gazette, a paper from the same county as Susan Boyle.

As if that wasn't surprising enough, three other UK talent finalists have also failed to win anything in the local talent contest. They are: Michelle McManus, winner of the UK wide Pop Idol series 2, David Sneddon, winner of the UK wide Fame Academy on BBC and Andrew Muir, a top ten finalist in the previous Britain's Got Talent.

Good going that West Lothian has so many singers capable of reaching the top in UK talent contests, if only they could win at the Linlithgow Rose social club down the road they'd have it made!

An occasional singer who is #1 on Google out of 500,000+ pages...

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