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28 September 2014

The next Referendum on Scottish Independence

Was reading the Sunday Herald and considering when there should be another referendum.

The pro YES parties have all grown substantially since the outcome was known and it remains to be seen where these new members stand in relation to a referendum post 2016 and how these new members will influence party policy. 

Perhaps the best common strategy is for each party to campaign on there not being a referendum in the next parliament on a party political level, but to respect the sovereign will of the Scottish people, and that parliament should vote on whether there should be a referendum. This means that the UK government has to argue against the will of the Scottish parliament rather than turning it into a party political issue, i.e. "it's all about the SNP". 

The Yes movement has shown that independence is bigger than just one party and we should continue in that way. This isn't about party politics, but I call on all parties to have in their manifestos that it will be the decision of the Scottish Parliament when there should be a referendum.


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